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Please fill in the following details

Name 1

Surname 1


Address 1

Date of birth 1

Name 2

Surname 2

Address 2

Date of birth 2

Name 3

Surname 3

Address 3

Date of birth 3

Name 4

Surname 4

Address 4

Date of birth 4

We do have our own canoeist for our team
YESNO - please provide us some




We ask for booking of following accommodation

for these days


I confirm to keep all event rules given by the organizer, to compete in compliance with the quadriathlon rules approved by WQF. I am aware that by breaking these rules I will carry the consequences. Next I confirm that I am healthy and physically able to attend this competition and I do releave the organizer or his helpers from the responsibility of any injury, theft or loss, which may happen during the event.

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