Welcome sport friends!

It’s year 2019 already and we have prepared another interesting sport event for you!

This year will be the 18th year of the race!
The best and foreign competitors meet in the pleasant and peaceful surroundings of the Vltava. Also this year, the race was backed by WQF (World Quadrathlon Federation).

Don’t forget to come back after the race to check out pictures and results!

COME AND WIN! If you can..

All Events taking place on June 22, 2019:

– WQF European Quadrathlon Championship Race 2019

– Championship of the Czech Republic in sprint quadrathlon
– Open race for individual athletes and relay teams. Apply with your company or club relay team! Measure the forces with others and strengthen your team : )


When: 22.6.2019

Where: Canoe Area Valcha, Tyn nad Vltavou, South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Middle distance Quadrathlon Composition:

Swimming 1,5km (2 × 0,75km), river Vltava, cca 16-20 ° C
Round 36,5 km (5 × 7,3km), ring Týn nad Vltavou – Neznašov – Týn nad Vltavou
Kayak 8km (4x2km), river Vltava
Running 10km (3 × 3.33km), circuit through the city park, Tyn nad Vltavou

Categories of Middle Quadrathlon, ME:

juniors 18-19 years
U 23 20-22 years
Elite 23-39
Masters 40+
Masters 50+
Masters 60+
Masters 70+

Categories of Quadrathlon Sprint Category:

young 16-17 years
Quadrathlon Sprint Relay Open Race:

U 18 (with legal guardian’s consent)
racers 18+

10:00 Start Q middle distance
13:00 start  Q sprint


7: 30-9: 00 Presentation
9: 00-9: 30 Open of depots
9: 30-9: 45  Debate of middle distance Q
9: 45-10: 00 Presentation before the start in the swimming start area
10:00 Start of middle distance Q
11: 30-11: 45 Debate of Sprint Q
13:00 Start of sprint Q
15:00 Winners Announcement (VALCHA Canoe Stadium)
17:00 Party
Entry fee:

Young, juniors 60 € (30 € ČTA license holders)
Other 80 € (40 € ČTA license holders)
Relays / Team 70 €
Payment possible during presentation and in advance on account.

Bank details: 917405-544 / 0600

Number of account: Beneficiary’s Bank: GE Money Bank, a.s., Vyskočilova 1422 / 1a, 140 28 Prague 4 – Michle



IBAN: CZ11 0600 0000 0009 1740 5544



Application date: 15.6.2019

On-line at: www.czechtriseries.cz
By e-mail: kobera@atelierkobera.cz

The top five men and the top three women will receive cash prizes. Prizes can be reduced as follows:
– cash less than 9 runners may not be paid
– With a total of 10-19 runners, cash rewards can be reduced to 30%
– With a total of 20-29 runners, cash rewards can be reduced to 60%
The winners of each category will receive medals, prizes and diplomas. All competitors will get T-shirts.
Financial rewards will be taxed in accordance with Act No. 586/1992 Coll., On Income Tax, as amended.
FINANCIAL PRICES: Absolute rank men / women
1. € 100 / € 100
2. € 75 / € 75
3. € 50 / € 50
4. 30 €
5. 20 €

Time limit: after swimming and canoeing sections -2:30 

General responsibility:

The race is governed by the WQF rules in force for 2019, the CTA rules and the 2019 – summer edition competition directive.
Competitors can start in the race not only with a valid license of ČTA and ČSK, but also unregistered competitors, as well as in the relay race.
For athletes under the age of 18, a medical check-up and a signature of a responsible person (one of the parents) will be required on the application form and a sports check-up is recommended for other persons.
The cyclist is obliged to complete the cycling part with a bicycle helmet with a fixed skeleton,
K1 can be used for kayak part or canoe C1, after agreement with organizers, special so-called “sea” kayaks can be admitted. There are no separate categories for these ships, all rated in one category.
A padding jacket is recommended for the kayak part.
The draft section is not allowed in the cycling section
In the relay race, each team member completes one discipline, the race order is determined by the finish line after the cross-country part.
 STARTING NUMBER: A competitor is obliged to complete a race with a number assigned by the organizer, non-use of the number may be a reason for disqualification.
Everyone is racing on their own responsibility! By paying the entry fee, the competitor confirms that he agrees with the race conditions and will fully comply with all the rules, will race in the spirit of fair play.
Refreshments in the area:

Refreshments provided in the area.
For competitors – drinks, fruit, biscuits – during the race and when reaching the finish line.


Hotel Zlatá loď 

Hostel KKJ Týn nad Vltavou

Camp KKJ Týn nad Vltavou (tent)

The accomodation request send together with the application form.

It is possible to rent kayak in kanoe klub – Please send your request together with your application.



Organized under support of  City Týn nad Vltavou

We look forward to your visit!

Team KKJ

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